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Kalagramam studio

KalaGramam Digital Recording Studio is a residential multi-track recording studio facility inaugurated on 30th September 2011. We offer a choice of purpose built, customizable workspaces designed to help you bring out the best in performance.

At KalaGramam one would find a unique optimization of latest technology and good-old human ingenuity. Functionality being the key mantra, the studio uses high-quality equipment and software, which are complimented by an ambience that by its simplicity brings out the innermost creativity in the artist and the work is executed through feel and experience.

It is a place where the recording of art is more important than the art of recording.

We offer a unique and refreshing environment that allows for an immense freedom for you to create, perform and record your music.

We service in recording, editing, mixing and mastering of audio productions. The studio also offers the optional services of highly talented, affiliated musicians who are established.

Background music for video/documentaries is also undertaken.

The studio is an extension of our Music courses. Our students get advanced training in music and they can have the experiment in recording with their voice and instruments.

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