Former Directors

The history of KalaGramam goes to 18 years back. MCBS KalaGramam is the result of a typical turnover and tireless efforts of some eminent personalities. MCBS KalaGramam was founded by Fr.Mathew Mailady in 1997 at Pattom, Trivandrum. It was his vision to transform each and every student as an instrument of social justice.

Fr.Mathew Mailady MCBS (Founder & Chairman)

Fr.Mathew Mailady is the founder and chairman of MCBS KalaGramam . He is the soul of KalaGramam. As a lifelong lover of music it was his intention to give music education to the society especially to the young generation. He was the first tutor of music at KalaGramam. He was classical guitarist and started teaching students and actualized his dream of a Music School in the heart of Trivandrum. Even after facing financial crises he had managed to give his full efforts to the betterment of this institute. It was his motto to enrich each and every student with the essence of music and arts, thereby create a bright generation much more human. So far, he had struggled a lot to build up an infrastructure that we see today. Throughout his lifetime his hopes and dreams was all about the renovations and achievements of KalaGramam. His exposure towards music had inspired him to carve a niche of music. He is accredited with energetic leadership as well as positive attitude.

Fr.Xavier Kunnumpuram MCBS (2000 – 2007)

During the time of Fr.Xavier KalaGramam was getting into a form of Music Academy. As a passionate lover of music he had showcased his talents in different fields. As a keen Director his legacy towards leadership quality and passion about music led to tremendous changes. He had appointed skilled professionals as tutors in various subjects and conducted "Talent Test" in every three months. During his time KalaGramam got the affiliation with the London College of Music, and here KalaGramam started to give certificate courses in music which has got international validity. Various Competitions like patriotic song competitions, drawing competitions were conducted under the guidance of Fr.Xavier. He had taken initiative in popularizing a Camera unit for Films, Serials and TV shoots. He had encouraged talented students by giving them chance to exhibit their talents on Stage and TV programs etc. He established hand book for the students. Together with Fr.Mathew he had taken his effort to find a land for the new building. Fr.Xavier had taken tireless efforts to stimulate an interest to develop a musical culture among common people.

Fr.Joy Chencheril MCBS (2007-2009)

Fr.Joy Chencheril was the designer of present KalGramam. He had taken the initiative to accomplish KalaGramam as an academy much more disciplined. He had sowed the seeds of changes in administrative level as well as in teaching level. His dedication towards the institute was unparalleled. He was very keen and alert to keep perfect discipline among the students and staff members. He mainly focused his responsibility towards the development and growth of this academy. For a rapid growth he established a set of instructions for all tutors and students to keen professionalism. He had conducted several fests such as Onam Fest, Christmas Fest etc... to popularize MCBS KalaGramam among the local communities. To add more color he created opportunities for the active participation of Residence Associations around. Several steps were adopted by Fr.Joy for fostering Indian Music and LCM Examinations. Under his leadership KalaGramam developed and expanded its activities like a disciplined academy.

Fr.Sebastian Elavuthinkal MCBS (2009-2013)

Fr.Sebastian Elavuthinkal, an astute guitarist and an excellent western vocal trainer, took charge as the director of KalaGramam in the year 2009. He was a dynamic visionary with great focus on planning and execution. To give students a professional touch on music beyond the boundaries of classroom, he bought in a digital recording studio in KalaGramam. In order to inculcate new changes and opportunities in music, he restructured the syllabus. To encourage the students and as an initiative to showcase their talents in-front of their family and friends, an auditorium which can accommodate 300 people was build under the leadership of Fr.Sebastian. He developed a specific curriculum geared towards the teaching style. He worked tirelessly for the betterment of this institution and proved his credentials in the field of administration. He took initiative to introduce different new courses at KalaGramam. A music band named ‘Rightway’ to expose the professionalism of MCBS KalaGramam faculty members was started during his period. He took initiative and gave opportunities to perform several outdoor and indoor stage performances to the students of KalaGramam to showcase their talents. For higher studies, he went to Canada in the year 2013.