Dance Class - Chinese Kung Fu

Kung-Fu is a popular martial art, developed in China by Buddhist monks are now spreading fast in India and abroad. It is basically skill, internal and external power, patience, self-control, meditation and endurance of the student that result in spectacular performance. Kung Fu training at MCBS KalaGramam is just not meant for self-defence, physical exercise or a competition to tournaments but also for its meditational and mind expansion abilities.

MCBS KalaGramam is registered under Shalolin Jackie Chan Martial Arts Academy (S.J.M.A.A), one of the biggest and famous martial art academies in South India. KalaGramam gives training in Chinese Kung Fu, Meditation, Yoga, Kubudo, Taekwondo, Wushu etc.

Kung-Fu provides you sincerity, patience, self-control, self-acceptance, self-respect, Leadership quality, physical fitness, good concentration, true martial art fighting spirit and gives quality to respect to others, courage to overcome fear etc.

Kung Fu gives importance to the flexibility of mind and body, since it is the softest element in the world, it is all pervasive.