Fr.Mathew Mailady MCBS (Founder & Chairman)

Let me the first to welcome you to MCBS KalaGramam.

Chairman's Message

It’s my privilege to invite you to join the MCBS KalaGramam, where our continuous endeavor is to transform each and every student as an instrument of social justice. Music can change the world because it can change people .Therefore we aim at building a socio-cultural environment through music. It’s my strong conviction that MCBS KalaGramam is blessed with visionary leadership, committed staff and brilliant students from every walk of life. I’m sure that MCBS KalaGramam will be a fertile soil in which the talents in you sprout and nurture. It’s a non-profit organization, More over we focuses on character building and formation. I extend my hearty welcome to all and pray for their continuous rise on the ladder of success. So if you’d like to explore the world of music and there by enrich your talents we were here to encourage you.

About Fr.Mathew Mailady MCBS

Fr.Mathew Mailady was born in 1948 at Kozhuvanal, Kerala state in INDIA. He is a catholic priest belonging to the Missionary Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament (MCBS). Fr.Mathew is a Classical Guitarist and he started teaching guitar in early 80’s. This slowly developed into a School of Music, which was christened MCBS KalaGramam. He has dedicated his life and energy for Music and this Institute. At present he is working in a parish in Cologne, Germany.