Fr.Mathews Payyappilly MCBS
( Director of MCBS Kalagramam )

Loving greetings from MCBS KalaGramam…

Director's Message

Music puts people in touch with the truth, goodness and beauty. It has the healing power. they provide companionship, move the heart, expand the mind and open persons to reality. Don Sailers in his chapter in practicing faith says “whatever people can say with passion and in heightened speech, they will end up singing in some form. A true conductor knows the true worth of each musical instruments. God as a true conductor knows the worth of each one of us. A good musician can bring out the best form of music. God knows the hidden treasures of our lives and brings out into perfection. The instruments which has no life awakes life in the nature. We are the living beings endowed with free will to attuned to our master. Let our lives be a beautiful tune in the life of many.

Michel Quoist says

“If each note of music were to say,
One note does not make a symphony
There would be no symphony

If each word were to say
One word does not make a book
There would be no book

If each drop of water were to say
One drop does not make an ocean
There would be no ocean

If each seed were to say
One grain does not make a field of corn
There would be no harvest

If each of us were to say
One act of love cannot save mankind
There would never be justice and peace on earth.

Begin now why are you waiting?

With love.....
Fr.Mathews Payyappilly MCBS