Welcome to MCBS Kalagramam

MCBS KalaGramam is a socio-cultural development institution started in the year 1997 February 11th by Fr. Mathew Mailady MCBS. It aims at an integrated formation of individuals, from every walk of life. Physical and mental development for a social well-being is taken care of through different classes. Within a short span of period MCBS KalaGramam has evolved itself as one of the premier centre for art and music education in Kerala. We are committed to quality education and have well experienced instructors as faculty in various subjects. It is our motto to provide the highest level of instruction as well as a supportive environment, and to evolve KalaGramam as one of the learning centers in South Asia in Art and Music. MCBS KalaGramam is the official examination centre of London College of Music (LCM) University of West London. We are confident that this institution is on its way to be one of the best learning and research centres in music and arts in South India.


Our mission is rooted in the fact that music-making is a unifying activity that crosses the boundaries of culture, language and financial status and also to train...

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Our vision is to transform traditional academic and conservatory instruction and performance to an environment that combines innovative research...

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LCM University of West London

MCBS KalaGramam, the Official Examination Centre for University of West London welcomes you to get qualified with Grades and Diplomas in Music. You can appear....Read More

Kalai Kaviri College of Fine Arts

MCBS KalaGramam, is the Sub center of Kalai kaviri college of fine arts Thiruchirapalli (Offers University U.G, P.G,Degree Courses , PhD Programam in dance , music & M.Phil in Music)....Read More

Chairman's Message

It’s my privilege to invite you to join the MCBS KalaGramam, where our continuous endeavor is to transform each and every student as an instrument of social justice. Music can change the world because it can change people .Therefore we aim at… ...Read more

Director's Message

Music puts people in touch with the truth, goodness and beauty. It has the healing power. they provide companionship, move the heart, expand the mind and open persons to reality. Don Sailers in his chapter in practicing faith says “whatever people can… ...Read more